Friday, October 24, 2014

To edit or not to edit

Sometimes I'm not sure exactly how a photo needs to be edited. I took this photo on a mountain bike trail at our local park a couple of weeks ago. I love how the sunlight is filtered through the trees, highlighting the mossy area on the ground.



I edited the photo to enhance the sunlit moss by increasing the warm tones and darkening the edges.



My question is whether or not I should crop the photo, as well. Does the orange leaf detract or enhance the image? Is it too dark? Any comments or suggestions?


  1. I often ask myself the same question. . . personally, I like the last picture with the orange leaves - they add to the photo, but they don't take away from what you're highlighting.

    Beautiful, my friend :) Hugs to you!

  2. Though both are great, I really love the second edit. It has more drama...more mystery. Very nice!

  3. Experiment with High Dynamic Range photography.…/high-dynamic-range.htm

  4. Hey Stephanie, Thanks for your feedback! I like the last one best, too.

  5. Thank you, Marie! Yes, more drama and mystery is a good thing. :)


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