Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Journal 52 {slightly} Out of Order

Becoming completely stumped by one of the Journal 52 prompts, I had a tough time getting back into the challenge. Finally, after much encouragement from the group and my friend Pat, I have completed a few more pages. 

This prompt is actually from Week 8: Found Poetry, which means that I am doing them out of order but at least I am doing them ;)

This one came together in a snap. It must been because I love finding poetry! I did not prep my page with Gesso. I used watercolor paints straight onto the watercolor paper, mostly Cerulean Blue with a tad bit of Green Light for some faint highlights. 

- not sure why this photo has a greenish tint - 
I also painted over the water areas on the map page that I cut out of an old 1957 National Geographic, shaking it a bit to give it the run look. Not caring that the adhesive bubbled was fine because it adds texture and dimension to the water, as well. 

Using my fingertip, I smeared a little Gesso around the edges to give it a softer, cloudy feel. It just looked harsh without it. 

So there's my Week 8: Found Poetry.

I think I have three more weeks completed but need to edit my pictures.  I do hope you're having some fun crafting or painting or whatever creative outlet you enjoy.  

It's a gorgeous time of year to start gardening, too. Pat is giving me some strawberry plants this week, so you might end up seeing how I decide to plant them this year. Pinterest is great for getting new ideas. 

Have a blessed day in the Lord!


  1. This is quite perfect, yesterday I bought an International New York times paper from our grocery store for the English and News :-) but more specifically for the poetry that I forget the name of as you've done here, I love your poem. glad you are doing your pages..

  2. I like it. You are very creative. Keep on keeping on :) !

  3. Hi Anne! This is just beautiful! I love the colors, and how you used the map too. I am coming to really enjoy mixed media art. I really respond to the deep colors. You certainly let the winds carry you to this project.
    Have a good weekend :)


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