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Review ~ Life Support by Candace Calvert

About the Book  Nurse Lauren Barclay put her life on hold to keep a watchful eye on her troubled sister. It's why she's back in Houston. But that means confronting the brooding physician assistant who caused painful turmoil in her family--and left Lauren with memories her heart can't forgive.PA and single parent Elijah Landry is no stranger to stormy relationships, including one with his father, who is threatening him with a restraining order. It won't stop Eli from protecting his disabled brother--or from making peace with Lauren. He wants that and so much more.But as Lauren and Eli draw closer, a powerful hurricane roars toward Houston. Survival instincts take priority and everything changes. Can hope weather the storm?

My Review

There are times I read a book, put it down and basically forget the story. This was not the case with Life Support! My heart strings were being pulled from one side to the other like a rope during a rousing game of tug of war.

The  medical drama present is riveting. At a certain point, I thought the author was going to take the story to a place I did not want it to go but instead she gave voice to one of the characters that lifted my heart and brought about happy tears. I was left with no doubt that the situations portrayed could be true.

Life Support  is a beautiful story of the love between two brothers, the love between two sisters, and the love between two people who have devoted their lives to watching over their siblings. The story is quite satisfying with just the right touch of faith, suspense and romance. Fans of medical fiction will enjoy this fast-paced, arresting read.

I want to thank Tyndale House for providing me with an advanced reader electronic copy for review purposes through Netgalley. My honest opinion is all that is required. No other compensation is received.

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Author Bio (short)

Former ER nurse, wife, Mom and grandmother, Candace Calvert believes that love, laughter, and faith are the bestmedicines of all. Her new Mercy Hospital Series for Tyndale House offers readers charismatic characters, pulse-pounding medical drama, romance, humor, suspense--and a prescription for hope. Think, “Grey’s Anatomy finds its soul.” 

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  1. I am beyond touched by this thoughtful review of my newest book. And blessed to know that it brought only happy tears. And encouragement. Thank you so much for your time in reading and reviewing my work. You are much appreciated.

    1. Candace, I have enjoyed all your books! This one will always hold a special place in my heart. Love to you, my friend!

  2. I so want this book to read. I have read all of Candace Calvert's other books, and I missed out when Tyndale House had this one up for review!! I'm gonna have to get a copy to read. Thanks for your wonderful review. I know this is an awesome book because the rest of Candace's books are awesome!

    1. Joy, I know you will love it! Do you have an e-reader? It's on NetGalley, if you do.

  3. Hi Anne! What a great book! And I love that Candace is a nurse, because I have a soft spot for them, of course. I think it's always a good sign when you remember the story after you've read it.

    Blessings to you my friend :)

    1. Hi Ceil! Yes, I do believe you have a fondness for nurses, as do we. We've had some great ones over the years and so appreciate y'all's dedication :) See you at the exchange!

  4. Thanks for this excellent review, Anne! I was looking at this one to read and now I have more incentive :) Hugs to you!

    1. Hey! Have you read any of Candace's books? This is the third in the series. I would start with the first, or even her VERY first book and work from there because they. are. awesome.


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