Saturday, October 12, 2013

Review ~ Into the Whirlwind by Elizabeth Camden

Bethany House, 2013

Fine historical fiction!

In high school, I disliked History class but if I had a teacher who could tell a story like Ms. Camden, I’m sure I would have excelled. Into the Whirlwind takes us through the horror of the Great Chicago Fire and the months afterward. From page one the stage is set, the cast is ready and the heat is on.

Mollie Knox is a character who has resilience, determination and a huge capacity to love. These traits are echoed throughout the story and shown in eloquent detail. From her business dealings to her personal tragedy, she is a woman to be admired.

Zack Kazmarek is another fantastic male character. Really, I don’t know how the author does it. From the first scene to the last, he captured my heart. The strange thing is, I can’t “see” him. Even after the intricate description of his features, his looks elude me. It’s his heart I envision. His compassion, his spirit, his all-encompassing love for his family and for Mollie is what speaks to me.

The scene of the fire was vivid and brilliant. I could feel the heat, the embers, the overwhelming fear while Mollie and Zack ran in and out, weaving through the streets while walls of flames blazed in the night. I felt the chill of the water as they took refuge and the sorrow as they watched their beloved city burn. My heart cried for the people who experienced that awful night all those decades ago. They must have felt hopeless and in total despair. But they rose from the destruction and rebuilt, just like Molly did in the book, to be better than before.

I loved this book. It was difficult to put down for long. There are many wonderful characters and moments that take place in this beauty from ashes story, it is impossible for me to cover all of them. Into the Whirlwind is a perfect combination of drama and romance with a delicate spiritual thread. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction with a Christian influence.

Bethany House provided a copy for review purposes only. I am under no obligation to write a positive review, only my opinion of the book.

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Have you read any books by Elizabeth Camden? 
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  1. Sounds like I need to add this book to my wish list!

  2. Hi Anne, this sounds like a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing your review!

  3. I know two who will receive this for Christmas, I have not read any of her books, not yet . I've an eclectic group of HF authors, no favourite really. Love the kitty photo a lot :-).

    1. Awesome, Lynn! This is a stand alone novel, but her first one, The Lady of Bolton Hill is fantastic and has a follow up novel, Against the Tide. In between those two is Rose of Winslow Street but I haven't read that one. My daughter did and loved it! Yes, I have to say my kitty is a cutie pie :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a lovely Sabbath!

  4. Hi Anne! Your review was fantastic - I have already read this book and you make me want to pick it up again to read :) I LOVE the way you described Zack...perfection, my friend.

    Have a blessed week. Hugs!

  5. Thanks, Stephanie! That is high praise, indeed, since I absolutely loved your review :) Blessings....

  6. Just stopped by to see what you're up to. I see your furry friend shares a love of books! What a darling! Loved your review, Anne. It takes talent to weave one's thoughts in and out of a book's plot and characters. Nice job!

    1. Hey Diane, Thanks so much for your sweet words :)

  7. Well another one to add to the list...the ever growing list. I don't know if I will live long enough to read all of these♥ I in turn have one for you to check out....Harvest of Tessa Afshar.... copy this link in your URL and you can read all about it. LOVED THIS>

    1. Laurie, I have Pearl in the Sand by Tessa Afshar. I haven't had time to read it yet. Her books do look good, though! Thanks for the recommendation. Have a great week.


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