Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Muted tones

I love the Sunflowers of summer and the colors & temperatures of autumn.

I am SO ready for it to cool down! We were spoiled with some really unusually
  low temperatures this summer. But for the past week or so it has been near 90, or above every day. One of our a/c's went out so we've had to resort to fans on high speed.

Maybe the heat has contributed a bit to my melancholy mood. It's been nigh impossible to go outside and I don't want to actually "go" anywhere. Of course, I need to go see my granddaughter today. She turns the big #1. That just might mean a stop at Sweet Frog for some yummy yogurt 

How's the weather where you are?

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**I apologize for not answering everyone's comments this past week or so. I appreciate each one of your visits and lovely comments! I have so much to get done before my surgery on the 17th.**


  1. Pretty warm here too, plus heavy humidity when it isn't raining in the afternoons. Lovely sunflower Anne. Give R a kiss for me and a big birthday hug too! xoxox

  2. love your sunflower and the processing -- the best of summer and the coming fall. it's way too hot and i'm looking forward to fall. enjoy time with your granddaughter and the Sweet Frog!

  3. ja we gaan toch heel langszaam de herfst tegemoet.

  4. Love your photo! Especially the faded sunflowers in the background. Beautiful.

    We've had lots of sunshine here (I live in southern B.C.) this summer but it rained hard last night for the first time in months. It was kind of nice. : )

  5. Your shot is so sweet and it does remind me of fall but as you said it's still hot....
    I do see a little breeze out the window but Simon doesn't even want to stay outside...

    Happy Birthday to your granddaughter and I know you will have fun celebrating....

  6. Beautiful picture, I love the muted tones! Happy birthday to your granddaughter! :)
    It's still hot, hot, hot here in southern Arizona.

  7. Such a pretty photo Anne -- we had high heat for a week, then it cooled off for a couple of days, not it's warm and humid again. Very normal for this time of year. I'm enjoying it as long as I can.

  8. The muted tones are so peaceful and lovely, Anne. I hope you have a grand celebration of your granddaughter's birthday! And hope all is going well as you get ready for surgery. My husband loaded a few books on his Nook and phone before his surgeries and that really helped a lot to pass the time on those long days.

  9. Such beauty! Your photos bring a smile to my face :) It is HOT here! For a few weeks it was quite a bit cooler and felt very "Fallish," but now it's hot again, in the lower 90's. I am ready for Autumn :)

    Love and hugs!

  10. you've done a sweet job of processing, this is a beautiful photo...we had 32°C yesterday and it is meant to be 31 today so not quite into our Fall swing just yet..;cooler mornings though.

  11. Very pretty, the soft tones are lovely. We've had a very HOT summer here and only a few cooler days. It's still in the upper 80's, low 90's here.


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