Friday, August 9, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1. This horse was chillin' out in his barn the other day, just watching the cars go by. He's pretty old and barely moves through the field. When I got out to take his picture he perked up. Next time I will take him an apple.

2. I found $11.00 in the washing machine last night. No, I didn't tell anyone :)

3. Spine Poetry is fun and imaginative. You create a poem out of your book spines. Just stack them up until they tell a story. I like mysteries so here's mine:

Gunpowder tea; murder, plain and simple.
Sofia's secret whispers from the shadows,
Inescapable payne & misery.

4. I pondered this week about reading and music and decided I can't listen to music while I read. I get too distracted and start bebopping (is that even a word?) along with the song, then I forget what I read and have to go back and read it again. It must be an age thing because my teens have earbuds in all the time and do everything while listening to music.

5. Because of the unseasonably cooler temperatures in July, our current electric bill is $80.00 less than this time last year! Can you say woohoo?! We are going out to dinner again!

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Random 5 Friday

Thanks, Nancy, for making Friday's even more fun!

Y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Pretty photo of the horse, dreamy and yes definitely a carrot or two the next time. I've never seen these authors, they are on my list and what a fun idea spine poetry, I tried with your titles before I read yours and mine stunk, so it isn't as easy as it sounds ;-). It is always fun to find spare change..

  2. That horse must have been surely disappointed. You did get a lovely picture though. I like your spine poetry. Very spooky

  3. I always feed a bit sad when I see a lone horse like this -- I do believe they are meant to be in group. Lovely image. :)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the image!
    and I am a HUGE mystery lover myself :)

  5. Anne,
    Have a wonderful date night with your electric bill savings. Fun! It has been cooler than normal here too. We are loving it!

    I like to have things quiet when I read. If I am not tired I can easily tune out the tv.

    Hope the horse enjoys your apple and you can get some nice close up shots of him.

    Ranch Wife Robyn

  6. Love the spine poetry. What a pretty horse shot.

    Hooray for lower electric bills!

  7. I love the picture of the horse but sad he is old; I do hope he has a buddy somewhere around in the pasture....Never thought of spine poetry but a great idea...I think I will go and play with my books for a while and see what I come up with.....And I like you cannot read with music on because it really distracts me from my reading....I guess my mind can focus on just one thing....Have a great weekend...

  8. prachtig dat oude paard zo heel mooi, nou jullie kunnen een keertje extra uit eten gaan,doen hoor.

  9. love that photo of the horse, sweet thing! how funny, i found $2 in the dryer last night...there might be more but i haven't actually gone through the load yet, it's sitting in the hamper. i'm sure it came out of my own shorts though lol...i love finding money in the laundry!
    what a neat idea, the spine poetry, ha!

  10. haha...I wouldn't have told anyone about the money either :) LOVED your poem - what a fun and clever idea! I will have to try it sometime.

    Have a lovely weekend. Hugs to you!

  11. 11 dollars! Yay! Enough to buy a paperback mystery novel. :)

    Pretty horse. Maybe he's a little lonely and perked up at your attention to him? I always want to hug animals who are by themselves...

  12. Lovely photo of the horse--I love how you edited it. It has a dreamy look to it. I hope the horse has a friend or two.

    $11? I have found $1 or some change, but never that much. Can I wash your clothes for you? :-)

    Spine poetry looks fun!

  13. Thankfully here in western WA (Seattle) our average summer high temps are about 77, very reasonable, so we pay a meter charge on our natural gas from about May 1 to Oct 1, and of course our electric sees a dip too, but our water bill hikes a bit. I like the spine poetry... interesting concept! I never could listen to anything and study (even in jr and sr high school, but my sister always could, she still does everything with music playing, I don't.) the only place I really listen to music is in my car. As to the old horse, you'll make a new friend quickly with treats...

  14. Anne, I bet that horse will be so happy if you take an apple along with you on your next visit.
    Now who in the world would have thought to stack books up and make poetry. Very interesting and fun.

  15. Love the horse photo. I hope you take photos of taking him/her an apple!! That's so sweet. I LOL'd at $11.00. It's the laundry law-launderer is the just owner of anything found in the washer!!

  16. That horse would probably love an apple or two! I always find things like fingernail clippers, knives, keys, screws..lucky you on the moulah!

  17. lol I don't tell anyone when I find money in the laundry!

  18. I tend to get caught up in the music, too! - bebopping to the beat!!!

    -Wish my electric bill looked like that!

    Have a great weekend.

  19. The spine poetry is fun! Your photo of the horse is beautiful, from a distance and kind of filmy and dreamy. And I can't listen to music and write or edit. I get caught up in the music and have no idea what I've just read. I would say it's age, but I've been this way since my teen years :)

  20. I love the horse shot and that he perked up when you got out of the car .... he must love company!!!
    Loving your Random 5!
    I'm hooked and have become a "follower" of your blog!

  21. Loved this blog, Anne! A great mish mash of fun, interesting mind-rambles.


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