Sunday, July 7, 2013

Guest Review ~ The Face of the Earth by Deborah Raney

Reviewed by Renee Smith   

As soon as I finished Deborah Raney’s The Face of the Earth, I wished I could forget it :)
This compelling narrative took over my imagination for an evening as I sat on the couch, glued to the pages, while my dinner grew cold and the sun set around me.
Unfortunately my experience ended way too quickly. Now my only hope is that several months down the road the story will grow old enough in my brain that I can pick it up (almost) as new and enjoy it all over again!

Face 1b

The Face of the Earth details the story of Mitchell Brannon, his wife Jill, and her best friend Shelly. Mitch and Shelley’s lives are thrown into turmoil when Jill leaves for a conference and never makes it home. The police are called in, but no answers are forthcoming.
As the hours turn into days and then weeks and months, Mitch lives in limbo. He agonizes over what message God is sending him. Is He telling Mitch to get on with his life or to wait indefinitely for an unlikely ending?
Shelley reaches out to Mitch and attempts to ease his pain. But nothing seems to work without Jill. As the story develops, both Shelley and Mitch experience deep emotions—grief, despair, hope, guilt.
Everything but peace.
And as I read, I wasn’t thinking or analyzing or predicting what would come next. I was simply feeling right along with the characters.
I love how subtly Mitch and Shelley grow. The author deftly shows their hearts changing little by little, through all the daily events, big and small, until they finally find that elusive peace. Until they finally know that—whether they ever receive answers or closure or second chances—“All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” ~Julian of Norwich~
This book reminded me that often our lives are lived in what feels like limbo: a place or state of restraint or confinement; a place of uncertainty.
Yet God, who sees “one day as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day,” faithfully gives us whatever we need to embrace abundant life even in those long, waiting moments.
I’m so thankful that He does!
I won this book from a blog contest and was under no obligation to review it. However, I wanted to share this great story with all of you! Follow this link to pick up a copy (under $10) for your summer reading.
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Thank you, Renee for allowing me to share your review! 
Deborah always write compelling stories and I look forward to reading it. 
Y'all can check out Renee's blog DOORKEEPER at  She is a multi-talented writer, teacher and graphic designer! She also has a giveaway going on right now so hop on over to see what great prize she is giving away!


  1. This book sounds like a keeper for sure. I will have to add it to my must-read list. Thanks to Renee for the excellent review - I was captivated from the first line.

    1. Hey Stephanie, Renee writes some of the best reviews ever!!! I love her writing style. Thanks for stopping in this morning. Have a blessed day! {{hugs}}

  2. Replies
    1. I know! I will be adding it to my stack of books :)


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