Monday, April 1, 2013

You can't go wrong with ...

Chocolate and Strawberries!

This scrumptiously moist chocolate cake drizzled with fudge and surrounded by plump, juicy sweet strawberries was devoured in celebration of all the SPRING birthday girls in our family last week.  

The afternoon was full of laughter, babies, reminiscing and some crazy off key singing of Happy Birthday. It's a Payne Family tradition since they were once professional singers :-)  

Do you have any crazy birthday traditions or special group celebrations?



  1. YUM! This looks divine :) My son and I celebrated our birthdays yesterday with my in-laws during our Easter meal. Your afternoon sound wonderful.

    Have a great week!


  2. Oh, my, that is a wonderful picture! I'm sure it was good, too!

  3. Hi Anne. That cake looks wonderful and your photos are just beautiful. Thanks, again, for your kind comments to me..Hope you had a wonderful Easter..Happy Monday..Judy

  4. Tenho a certeza que o bolo tinha um sabor especial, parabéns pela feliz tarde que passou.


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