Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday {Texture}

'Susan' texture by Nancy Claeys @ A Rural Journal
~further edits with PicMonkey

When I saw this forgotten barn on the hill, looking lonely and desolate, my mind pictured how it once might have been; surrounded by trees full and bursting forth with the fruit of the season. 

Alas, all things come to an end. The trees are bare and no longer producing. But they did. Once upon a time.

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  1. I love these bar trees image, and great edit. What a beautiful appreciate quote.

  2. Wonderful processing I love the dreamy effect visiting from Tuesday Muse

  3. Beautiful image ... and the quote is perfect ... what was and what might be ...

  4. Your image just says Spring to me in so many ways, Anne. xo

  5. Anne! Thank you for coming by & visiting & leaving me such a sweet comment, AND for following me! :) You've made me smile! :)
    Your photo is BEAUTIFUL! AND such an appropriate quote! We have one of those old run down barns! They're usually made of Chestnut wood---Which is rare now, due to a blight that came through in the 1950's & 60's! Some kind of bug or worm...! The wood now is EXTEMELY hard, PETRIFIED! :)
    AGAIN, "Thank you" for coming by! :)

  6. Very thoughtful quote, Anne. Neat barn find and texture edit.


  7. This reminds me of a time and place in my life, so I thank you for posting it today and sharing..lovely blues ;)

  8. SO pretty!!!! I love the lightness and softness.

  9. This was truly beautiful and well-needed, Anne! Thank you for sharing.

    Hugs to you,

  10. Love the effects you added. So pretty!

  11. Barns are fascinating always. I like this photo because the barn is almost hidden and more mysterious that way. Nice edit job!


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