Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pretty weather means work!

busy bees...

busy buddies...

Pink Weeping Cherry Tree planted...

I also planted 32 Leyland Cypress (no photos) with the help of my nephew and son, and this is only the beginning of Spring!

What projects do you have planned?

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  1. The cherry tree is gorgeous! And those little helpers are no slouches either. :)

  2. Lovely family bonding ops...we've scaled back our gardening efforts since we are becoming empty nesters and like the ability to leave whenever we feel like it♫ My Rurality:

  3. Ohh... those little helpers are so cute, never to young to learn about the beauty of Nature. Your cherry tree is looking awsome.

  4. Lovely photos that tell a story. I am so jealous of your nice weather! We are still waiting for Spring here. Love the photo with the bee! Do you keep bees too?

    ~Lynne @ a new Jersey Girl visiting from the Rurality Blog Hop

  5. Anne, the cherry trees...oh so precious!! i want i want☺

  6. Ohhh, the cherry tree is beautiful! It seems spring is in the air and you have lots of helpers! Aren't they adorable. How's the new chicken coop coming?

  7. lots of helpers, too cuuute! =)
    i think most of my projects will be inside for now, but i might get some azaleas planted, just not sure yet

  8. Wow - pretty cherry tree. And building a chicken coop together seems like a lot of fun, and a great project!

  9. Anne, your photos are awesome! I love it whenever you post them. I have 2 daughters who are photographers, so I have a great respect for the talent that you're exhibiting. Keep up the beautiful work. I look forward to seeing more!

    1. Thank you, Nancee. They would be better photos if I could show the grandsons' faces but my daughter doesn't like me to do that, hence the shots from behind :)

  10. Lots of hard work! Looks like spring! How nice that you can get out and get things done again, and you guys have those cute sweet little boys to help! :-)

  11. Replies
    1. Yes, You of all people should recognize them from behind ;)


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