Monday, February 25, 2013

Wings of a...

Dove, maybe? 

I don't know for sure what kind of bird decided to try flying through my car door but it left a telling image: 15" wing span on a 7 1/2" body. 

When my oldest son first saw it he said, "Fairies are real!" 
Then he ran to get the camera and we took a ton of photos trying to get one where the whole image could be seen but it is tough to do, especially when we don't know how to use all the settings on the camera yet.

Since the bird wasn't in sight, I am assuming it survived the ordeal.  

Have you ever seen anything like this?!


  1. Wow - I've never seen anything like that - I'm really tring to picture it happening. That is fascinating!

  2. Anne, I think it's a "God thing." I think He sent you a special angel to watch over you, and there is the absolute, undeniable truth. If there are no downy feathers on the car or the ground, believe...

  3. Wow! I am amazed! I'm so glad the dove (or which ever bird it was) survived the crash into the window, but wow! This is beautiful!

  4. The more I look at the photo, the more it looks like an angel!

    God is amazing!

  5. Wow! I like to believe in signs sometimes. Either way, that's pretty cool.

  6. thanks for all the comments! I know it looks like angel wings, but I'm sure it's a Dove, or at least a bird. They fly into our windows all the time. But, I agree. It IS pretty cool :)

  7. Oh my goodness! How, what, when... How is that possible? I wonder if someone drew it on there somehow? I bird couldn't have slammed against the window to leave it, could it? WoW! =)

    1. Hi Tricia, It actually hit the side of the car and I googled it to see if it's happened to anyone else, and sure enough there are lots of these same imprints from birds hitting windows. Sometimes they die and sometimes they just knock themselves out. She recovered before we saw her and flew away, though.

  8. What a treasure! Glad you were able to capture it in picture form.


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