Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 2 & 3

Day 2

Here's the prompt for Day 2
I didn't use all of them, just these: 

 Starting Point:  
In the stressful world we live in, where time seems to fly by at an extraordinary rate,       
 how can you make more of the moment?

How can you become more mindful of the things that are important in your life?
Which 3 things are you thankful for today?

Bible verse:
This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalm 118:24

Technique Challenge: 
Use circles or squares on your page 

Instead of actually journaling on my page (which I don't like doing) I made a tag to hang off the side. The front tells what I need to do in order to make more of the moment. The back gives three things I am thankful for: a loving husband, my children and grandchildren, and most of all Jesus!

Day 3

Here's the prompt: Creativity

Starting Point: 
What does creativity mean to you?
This is an interesting article.
How do you express your creativity?
What  in particular are you thankful for in the creative areas of your life?

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.     Edward de Bono

Bible verse:
He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple and scarlet yarn and fine linen, and weavers—all of them skilled workers and designers.    Exodus 35:35

Technique Challenge:
Draw freehand 
using any of the media you own - a pencil, a coloured pencil, a crayon, a paintbrush and paint.

As you can tell, freehand is NOT my forte' :) But it was fun once I got started. I saw something similar on a card one time, the tree trunk thing, so I decided to write the Bible verse as the trunk. I gently wadded up some aluminum foil to dab on the red paint. It works pretty good! On the back of the page I glued a small piece of cardstock on three sides to put my journal tag in. Eventually it will be covered with paper for another day.

You can still join in. It's always a good idea to find things to be grateful for on a daily basis :)

Are you doing anything special this year, as far as keeping a journal goes, or do you have another way of focusing on your blessings during this season? 

Have a great day in the Lord!

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  1. Anne, I'm loving both of these pages! How clever to do the tag with the journal thoughts on it. I'm going to "lift" that idea from you! I'm not to crazy about journaling over my art work either. I LOVE the tree trunk idea too! So happy you are doing your pages and having fun! <3 u.


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