Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Today's thoughts...

Standing on the edge of the ocean gives me clarity of God's power and majesty.
I hear Him in the strength of the roaring waves as they rush to shore.
A breeze chills my flesh but I lift my face to the Son and warmth engulfs me.
I throw my arms wide and embrace the Spirit!

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  1. I long for the day that we can go back to the ocean. It's my favorite thing to do...just sit on the balcony and listen!!! So peaceful and relaxing.

  2. My husband and I love the ocean! Love your picture and your thoughts today!

  3. love the ocean, been way too long since I was there...

  4. Gorgeous picture! I agree, there is something about the ocean that draws our thoughts toward Him. :-)

  5. Stopping by as part of the Come To THe Table hop. What a great picture and inspirational thoughts!

    Susan M (blog: Loves 2 Read)

  6. Great picture! I'm part of the Come to the Table hop.


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