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Review ~ Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson – reviewed by Rebecca Maney

“Come marry me.” Three simple words; for most women words that are eagerly anticipated. Ann Silver is not “most women”. One of the deepest and most admirable characters that I have ever met through the pages of a book, Ann is brilliant, precise, deliberate, dedicated, loyal, humble, fiercely private, deeply spiritual, introverted and understated. A recognized homicide investigator, pilot, artist, and writer; with traumatic experiences and nightmares that love overcame. But Ann is terrified of loving and being loved; afraid she will fail.

Paul Falcon. What’s not to like about him? Admired, successful, intelligent, calculating, intuitive, prayerful, sturdy, protective, loving, kind, compassionate, and patient; wise enough to seek advice from friends; with enough love to penetrate Ann’s previously impenetrable walls and he determines to do just that. When Ann quizzes Paul about why he would want to marry her, he answers, “I get someone who loves God. I get a wonderfully deep imaginative thinker and reader and writer. I get someone who keeps a quiet life, who values friends, who can fly a plane and talk business with ease . . . . . who takes relationships seriously . . . . . . . You give your heart when you say I love you . .. I get you, Ann.”

Paul and Ann’s lives intersect when Ann arrives at his Chicago FBI office with information that blows open a thirteen year old case involving a series of high profile murders by a lady assassin. Ann has the middle man in her small town morgue along with evidence from the scene of his death; filled with coded details that the FBI can use to begin tracking down the evasive shooter. From this point, the story launches into pages and pages of intriguing details that continue to unfold when the shooter herself contacts law enforcement to trade different levels of leniency for audio tapes of the for-hire murder contracts. Paul immediately pulls Ann in on the elite team of experts examining the case and their time together on and off the case nourishes their mutual attraction.

In a most bizarre twist, Paul is asked by the former vice president to lead a team of experts in reviewing a chapter of his soon-to-be-released biography that Ann is writing for him, and Paul realizes that the depth of the woman he has grown to love is cavernous; filled with dark memories, private traumas, and courageous victories. When the two investigations merge; history is re-written.

I have a husband who said, “Come marry me”; 20 years ago. As a self-proclaimed introvert, who needs lots of solitude to refuel, I could relate to Ann’s trepidations and her story renewed appreciation for the man who barged through deep emotional walls to love me. This is a truly incredible book on so many levels; a deep and complex mixture of high level suspense, unbelievable relational twists and turns, quiet conversations, and gentle touches. Congratulations Dee on your re-entry into the world of romantic suspense.

Thank you, Rebecca for this insightful review! I know we're both big Dee Henderson fans so I'm glad we get to talk about it through our reviews :) 
I will be posting mine soon. 

Has anyone else read it yet? If so, what did you think? 


  1. I have not read any of her books. I know she's a favorite of yours. Will have to look into her. :O)

    1. Hey Diane,
      I'm not sure I would start with this one. I recommend starting with The O'Malley series.

  2. I have not read any of her books either....I LOVE reading...wish a girl didn't have to work so she could stay in bed and read♥
    Laurie @ pride in photos

    1. Hi Laurie,
      If you enjoy suspense, then Dee is great! She has lots of older books that I'd start with though. This book brings in many of them in passing.

  3. I have read some of her books! I thought 'Before I Wake' would be the beginning of a new series but was sorry to hear she wouldn't be writing in a while. Imagine my surprise when I discovered 'Full Disclosure' some weeks ago! It was a welcome surprise.

    Your review presents this book as deeper than other Dee's books I've read.

    I'm looking forward to reading it! :)

    1. Hi Miranda,
      I LOVED Before I Wake! I was really hoping for another book too. Maybe eventually Dee will write more for that story. It sure did leave some things hanging :)
      Thanks for coming by today.


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