Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen!

The Christ

Dark...Dark and cold was that tomb of death.
A lone body lay in that tomb of death, beaten and torn, bloody and scarred.
Mourning were those who knew him, for they loved him dearly.

All of creation knew of his death,
and wept,
wept for his death.

Dragged into a square he had been, chained to a block, for all to watch him be beaten,
beaten by rod and whipped,
scorned and mocked, spat and kicked upon.

Forced to wear a crown of thorns and carry a cross through the streets.
Up to a hill, where he was nailed upon the cross.
His cries of agony and pain carried all the way to heaven
with every stroke of the hammer upon the nails at his hands and feet.

His side pierced by a spear, to assure those who had done this to him,
that he was dead,
and dead he was.

So he lay in that dark, cold tomb.

For on the third day death was overcome, for He is Risen!
Risen HE is!

Life flows through his veins that were broken, for
He is the Christ! The Son of God!
Who died and rose again for our sins.

He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

Oh, how his Majesty reigns forever,
his love knows no bounds and has given his children
the promise of eternal life in heaven with his father
the great and Almighty God of heaven and earth,
whose ways are just and true.

Just and true are you oh God! Worthy of praise are you King of ages!
For there is none like you oh God,
none like you my God, my Saviour, my Father, my King. 

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    1. Thank you, Lisa. We had a quiet day, enjoying being together and reflecting on what Christ did for us! I'm sure with little ones you had an exciting day :)


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