Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sandwiches are FUN again!

Making the same old sandwich gets boring after awhile. 

image Microsoft clipart

Not anymore! 

image from Amazon

I found this cute sandwich shape cutter at Walmart this week. I bought two. One in green and one in blue. I originally thought my grandsons would enjoy having their sandwiches cut in dinosaur shapes when they come to my house, and I would send the extra one home with them. Well, as soon as my teenage sons saw them they went NUTS! They had to immediately, and I mean immediately, make a PB&J sandwich. Who do you think got to cut the sandwich? The awesome mom who bought the cool shaped sandwich cutters? Moi? Noooo...they did! I should have gotten pictures because it really was hilarious. But at the speed they were going I didn't have time to get my camera :)

Image from Amazon

As you can see, Amazon sells them, but I only paid $1.99 ea. at Walmart. They're made by *Evriholder

BUT...If you order them online from *Amazon you can get lots of different shapes!  

                         We used this bread.  (pronounced Beembo)
image from Bimbo

Image from Bimbo

I would recommend using square bread instead of the rounded top because you would get more of the dinosaur and probably no crust at all. It still worked well, and there were no complaints from the hungry teenage boys.

Have a great day in the Lord!

* I am not affiliated with Evriholder or Amazon in any way, shape, or form. I'm just passing along a cute product that I like and the brand of bread used :)


  1. LOL, cool! Jake would probably love it :)

  2. Way back when I couldn't get my boys to eat a sandwich, I found that great dinosaur & they LOVED it!!! They love biting the head & the tail off!

  3. We have this too! I've also used cookie cutters to make sandwich shapes. It's always so fun for them :-)

  4. Not sure if my grandson is going to actually like it. He didn't seem impressed! I went back and bought the heart shaped one since Valentine's Day is this month because I know my boys will roll their eyes at me but they'll love it too :)

    Lisa, What a great idea using cookie cutters! I never would have thought of that :/

    Thanks, Y'all for coming by and leaving comments :)


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